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We Own & Operate Mojichat.

Mojichat is the first personal emote company ever created, with over 500 million possible combinations of emote personalization. Our emotes are primarily used by streamers as custom animations that pop in every time a viewer makes a donation.

Effectively Advertise on Top of Livestreams.

Our team created the first actionable, non-intrusive donation based ad unit for live streaming. This is because pre-rolls suck, and baking advertisements into the donation system is the best way to reach Millennials & Generation Z without interrupting their gameplay viewing experience.

#1 On The Streamlabs Marketplace.

Mojichat is integrated into the Streamlabs system. With over 20 million users & growing, Streamlabs is used by over 80% of all streamers in the gaming space. Our exclusive partnership with them allows us access to hundreds of millions of monthly impressions in the livestreaming space.

Mojichat For Advertisers

How We Drive Results For Our Clients Using Mojichat

Every Mojichat ad is custom created by our team of world class marketers & animators. The sky is the limit so let your imagination fly.

Smart Ad Placements

Non-intrusive advertisements layered over livestreamed gaming content allows you to connect directly to the modern consumer in an organic way.

Content Automation

When streamers use Mojichat, they create personalized emote alerts that pop up during donations. These are automatically played after every donation.

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