Team & Advisors

Meet The People Behind Lunchbox & Mojichat.

Our Team:

Jeremy Greene
CEO, Co-Founder
Janelle Greene
Head Of HR, Co-Founder
Mohammad Islam
Lead Engineer
Troy Rodriguez
Project Manager
Miguel Lopez
Head of Talent Management
Egor Smenov
Lead Unity Developer
Kevin Wallace
Head of Sales
Abir Mahamud
3D Artist / Technical Animator
Joel Pingleton
Graphic Designer
Abu Hena Ashik
Technical Animator
Guadalupe Julio
Technical Animator

Our Advisors

Bing Gordon
Founder, eA games
Jonathan Flesher
head of business development, discord
Justin Wong
Former director of partnerships, twitch
Frank villareal
Co-Founder & CEO, Rogue
Sinjin Bain
Head of product, EA games

Michael Nyman
Chairman & founder, PMK BNC
Rich flier
president digital domain

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