Explore Some Of The Brands We're Behind.

We're Behind Some Of The Biggest Brand Activations In Streaming.

Our team & tech has helped several top streamers establish brands in the minds of Millennials & Gen Z. Brands advertising with highly relevant streamers are capitalizing on one of the most powerful attention arbitrages available today.

Below are examples of how we do this:

Improving Alerts In Livestreams By Adding Personalized Emotes.

The custom emotes designed by our team of world-class animators add an element of personalization to ads that you can't find with the typical pre-roll. Our animations are carefully crafted to maximize brand activation with minimal intrusiveness.

Increase Brand Exposure By Partnering With Multiple Streamers.

Being seen by the audiences of several top streamers in the same niche is great for maximizing exposure. Viewers of a similar demographic become accustomed to a consistent marketing message, allowing for a more effective brand activation.

Not Interrupting The Viewing Experience Of The Consumer.

Reaching the consumer that consistently views live streamed gaming content requires a different approach. People do not have the patience for pre-roll ads, by being non-intrusive you build rapport & show you care about their viewing experience.

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